Tour de Twist 2009
Czech Republic, May 21st - 24th

photoreport by Mika Pitkänen

"One sunny weekend on the end of May, a group of nice people get together in Czech Republic, to ride some twisties again. It was time to have some fun and enjoy of biking and friendship. As usual, those who was there can recall many things while watching these photos and those who wasn't can just be jealous."


Riding together to TdT...

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DSC01943.JPG (153912 tavu(a))

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Our groups meeting point was the Winkler Braustüberl on late Wednesday afternoon.


This historical place in Lengenfeld is very beautiful place...


...and famous from it's copper coloured tasty, dark beer "Kupfer Spezial". Witch was a good reason to meet here... ;-))


DSC01952.JPG (157043 tavu(a))

DSC01953.JPG (153359 tavu(a))

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Long time no see! It was nice to sit down...


...taste some local refreshments...


...and enjoy of good company again.


DSC01956.JPG (155881 tavu(a))

DSC01955.JPG (161011 tavu(a))

DSC01959.JPG (151511 tavu(a))

Dinner in Winkler's cosy "Bierstube".


Ralf having "A Copper Special".


Gie, Walter(D) and Udo waiting for food.

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DSC01962.JPG (159149 tavu(a))

DSC01968.JPG (149906 tavu(a))

Next morning welcomed us...


...for tasty breakfast to start our first riding day together.

It was time to say goodbye to Winkler...


DSC01969.JPG (152011 tavu(a))

DSC01971.JPG (149425 tavu(a))

DSC01970.JPG (142704 tavu(a))

After packing things up ready to go.


Walter(D) and Gie waiting to start.


Bernd giving final hints for the road.


DSC01972.JPG (149042 tavu(a))

DSC01973.JPG (150501 tavu(a))

DSC01974.JPG (153631 tavu(a))

Udo has seen some other places too.


Been here...


...and there. Hmmm...


DSC01982.JPG (156459 tavu(a))

DSC01983.JPG (140975 tavu(a))

DSC01980.JPG (156441 tavu(a))

After riding a while nice roads we had a stop on country side...


...drinking something cold ...


...and enjoying of surroundings.


DSC01988.JPG (147127 tavu(a))

DSC01986.JPG (153726 tavu(a))

DSC01990.JPG (152356 tavu(a))

Stop after the boarder... chance some local currency.


In the afternoon we stopped for a lunch beside Lipno Lake.


Our group arrived at late afternoon to the final destiny Hotel Leonfeldner Hof in Bad Leonfelden. 
Some of the others was there already waiting for us and the rest came during the evening.


First day in Czech Republic...

DSC02001.JPG (157686 tavu(a))

DSC01991.JPG (150301 tavu(a))

DSC01994.JPG (151681 tavu(a))

Friday morning downed a bit cloudy and rainy.


We stopped in a small Czech village... taste local cafe ;-))


DSC01995.JPG (158077 tavu(a))

DSC01996.JPG (153914 tavu(a))

DSC02004.JPG (150292 tavu(a))

Walter(A), Jaana, Mika and Ewald planning to order something.


Gie, beside Bernd, has already made his choice...


Jaana and Mika ready to move on.


DSC02009.JPG (158185 tavu(a))

DSC02015.JPG (154655 tavu(a))

DSC02014.JPG (146233 tavu(a))

Going to visit Cesky Krumlov...


...famous historical town in southern part of Czech Republic. 


The place was full of tourists...


DSC02012.JPG (151290 tavu(a))

DSC02029.JPG (143121 tavu(a))

DSC02026.JPG (146981 tavu(a))

...looking for some really nice views.


Some of the towns inhabitants having a nob.


Walter(A) showing to Jaana the map of the town.


DSC02037.JPG (146390 tavu(a))

DSC02038.JPG (143786 tavu(a))

DSC02039.JPG (135798 tavu(a))

Elfi, Jaana, Walter(A) and Mika having a break on the way up to the garden.


A view down to the city.


Many of the buildings was nice decorated..


DSC02010.JPG (156109 tavu(a))

DSC02041.JPG (159392 tavu(a))

DSC02042.JPG (149386 tavu(a))

Towards the bikes again...


Jaana thinking to have a real "Iron man"...


...instead there was our "Iron horses" waiting for us.


DSC02043.JPG (143700 tavu(a))

DSC02045.JPG (143903 tavu(a))

DSC02046.JPG (142175 tavu(a))

Relaxing dinner in our cosy hotel...


...tasted to everybody after days ride.


Bernd, Walter(D), Gie and Ewald having a night cap outside...


Second day in Czech Republic...

DSC02048.JPG (152176 tavu(a))

DSC02050.JPG (153229 tavu(a))

DSC02054.JPG (146687 tavu(a))

Saturday was bright and sunny. Here's our first break.


Jaana looking around; where are we -  roads to this place looked so familiar - like on Finland.


Having a cup of local Cappucino - not bad...


DSC02063.JPG (155198 tavu(a))

DSC02059.JPG (151448 tavu(a))

DSC02062.JPG (146904 tavu(a))

Stopping for lunch...


These guys got their food already - hmmm...


Ewald, Elfi, Jaana, Mika and Walter(A) -  behind the camera - are still waiting...


DSC02065.JPG (150762 tavu(a))

DSC02068.JPG (141095 tavu(a))

DSC02072.JPG (154132 tavu(a))

Ready for afternoons coffee brake...


......beside River Vltava.


Getting ready to ride back "home" again.


DSC02075.JPG (142578 tavu(a))

DSC02076.JPG (147188 tavu(a))

DSC02074.JPG (143831 tavu(a))

In front of our hotel...


...the small town of Bad Leonfelden...


...shows it's best for our last evening.


DSC02078.JPG (156663 tavu(a))

DSC02080.JPG (147755 tavu(a))

DSC02081.JPG (152140 tavu(a))

Uli and Ralf looking for Uli's new Czech watch - still working...


Walter(D) and Bernd having a cold beer.


Walter(A), Jaana and Mika too...




The whole happy group together, ready for final evening together.
From left: Walter(D), Udo, Uli, Elfi, Walter(D), Jaana, Bernd, Mika, Walter(A), Ewald and Gie.

On Sunday morning everyone took their own routes towards home again. What a weekend...!