Saturday morning at seven o'clock I started riding from where I live to Leopoldsburg in Belgium. Waited at the gasstation for another GCE member and after about 20 minutes went along alone again. Made it safely to Leopoldsburg and there was the other member I have been waiting for. He started real early as he was an hour early at the gasstation ;-)

Saterday morning; the starting group.

While we were making acquaintance there were two GTR's coming up. Boomer and Jesal. After a while all that were supposed to be there were there and the ride began, only about one half hour later than intended ;-)

The first meeting at the Koningin Astridplein
in Leopoldsburg,Belgium.

While we were making acquaintance there were two GTR's coming up. Boomer and Jesal. After a while all that were supposed to be there were there and the ride began, only about one half hour later than intended ;-)

Don't ask me how we drove, which roads we drove by as I do not remember them. I glanced at my map in between stops and returns, I also could find some of the places we went through and had a pretty good idea of where I was, but that is it.

For a first GCE ride things were going smoothly. The arrival was easy thanks to the directions Mark and Daan had send us. The riding was good and than that place for lunch at Mother the Goose. WOW! Been a long time that I had been in a place like that. I honestly think that accomodations such as this one can not survive in The Netherlands because of all the laws that have come up the last ten years on safety etc. A shame really, because it was in a way this unability to meet dutch laws that made it so cosy. The food was great and there was plenty of choice.

Lunchtime at "Moeder de Gans" (Mother the Goose)

7 GTR's parked at the Blegny Mine parking spot.
Afterwards we went to the mine of Blegny for a little excursion. Though I have been to mines before this visit was completely different. Learned some new things and had a great time, but boy was there a wind outside when we finally hit the roads again.
At the entrence of Blegny Mine
Daan, Michael and Clemens ready for the mines.

After the mine visit it was time to pay a visit to the gasstation. Finally found one somewhere and after filling up the GTR's we went along to Liège for the night in a Formule1 hotel. Two more GCE members were waiting there for us. Boomer had a little surprise for all of us over there. We all got a keylabel with a GTR on it, a GTR pin and a tube of coppergrease. Whatever we might have thought of Boomer before this move, we now could not say anything but nice things about him. We were all as happy as a little child with the pin and other stuff.

Most of us had the pin on the jacket right away, to wear it with pride! My roommate had a nice description of the room that I can't translate, but it was a appropriate name ;-))

After checking in and bringing the stuff for the night into the rooms, we went off for diner at the pizzeria in Liège. And again there were lots of stories both on and off topic when it came to MC. Had a good diner and a great time. Afterwards we went back for the night to the hotel.

Sundaymorning at I believe it was half past seven my roommate and I woke up. Whould we get up already or should we wait. Well we got up and enjoyed breakfast only to find out that we were not the first of the group.

During the breakfast there was yet another member arriving from the Netherlands and also our touring guide returned from Brussels. So there we went off again, after we had a group photo made by our homephotographer Berten.

Big leather jacket, standing all alone.

Getting ready for the Tour de Twist day 2

Our guide Mark looking at the map.

We were heading for Luxemburg, but first had to take some distance on a highway. otherwise we would not have time enough to play around in the twisty Ardennes. Soon the group of 9 bikes was divided into two smaller groups. Daan and Mark had have the bright idea to point out some reassembly places. Also we received directions in words where the group re-assembly was to take place. At lunchtime we were in Vianden and we sat down to eat. Had a great time again chitchatting. Good to meet so many different people from different nationalities but all sharing the same passion for the GTR.

Because time ran on as we were sitting, eating and chit chatting, we decided not to do the remaining of the Tour de Twist, but to do one more road while heading for the border. There was a "slow" group and there was a "fast" group and as so often in nature it weren't the members of the fast group that came first to the border.

I have calculated that the price p/liter in Luxemburg is 65% of the price p/liter in the Netherlands! So much for one europe.
Same with other prices. I want to head there more often!!! The border was also the place to say goodbye to everybody. Most of them have the intention/plans for coming to the GTR day on April 20 in Druten (NL) Sure would be nice to see them all back again. And then again there is the GTR rally in Denmark. Most of us want to go, but several were not sure yet whether they could make it.
Left the border at about 4 o'clock, was home around 9. Had my dinner leftover from the microwave, sat down to talk with the misses, went to the attick to my pc-room to read the cog list and to write this down.

Daan and Mark, thanks again for a well organised trip and a wonderful time. Same goes for: Boomer, Jesal, Berten & Katelijn, Clemens & Brenda, Valérie, Frans, Michael.

Photography: Berten Steenwegen - & Clemens Lettinck