A former textile-factory was turned into a hotel exclusively for motor-bike riders and an additional restaurant.

Rooms are reasonable and sober - but who keeps his eyes open while he is sleeping ?

Half restaurant, half discothek, half pub - but surely a place where you are feeling good ......

Forget the sorrow over room for parking: Your good bike stands protected and dry in the hall.

That was the surrounding we entered on Friday 4th in the evening. Boomer and his friends Paul, Stuart and Rebecca and Jesal Odedra were already here. Mark Harling and Valerie/Belgium came with Walter/Austria at 8:30 in the evening and had a good time with excellent beer, interesting and also funny talking.
During breakfast next day morning Berten Steenwegen and his wife Katelijne arrived on their "it's silver damned" Connie, ready to do the Saturday "short tour" with us.

Mark and Valérie

Ride on Saturday following an idea of Boomer lead us through Flandern in the surrounding of Brügge. The flat landscape interlaced by channels and dikes unfortunately is no good region for motorbikes: there is a loss on curves and the land is populated too thickly.

In restaurant "Moerlant" we had a break, drinking hot chocolate or coffee, while Boomer got excited by a "White Lady"

Afternoon was the time of the GTR: Boomer removes fuel tank and fairing and demonstrates how to adjust the valves. Everybody was allowed to have a try for himself, if he'd wanted to..

Meanwhile Clemens and Brenda Lettinck had arrived

Interested audience: Walter Kirchweger, Brenda und Clemens Lettinck from the Netherlands, Paul from Great Britain.

And that's how camshafts and valves are presenting theirselves - ready for adjustment.

Next day after breakfast we got ready for a tour that should have lead us into the North of France - but when Boomer got his bike out of the garage the motor leaked. He tasted and said "Sweet, that's coolant fluid". "Tastes like Austrian wine", Jesal shouted out, making allusion to the Austrian wine-scandal years age, when wine was "treated" with ethylen glycoll (an anti-freeze fluid which really tastes sweet). So Boomer brought his "Otto" back to the garage and once again started disassembling the damned thing. He removed fairing, battery of carbs and the thermostat, as the location of leaking was found at a spot where a hose enters the thermostat. Latter was dismantled, cleaned and then under use of "blue glue" put together again. After 2 and half an hour the bike was ready again, Boomer was ready for another drink and another cigarette, and we were ready to have fun for the rest of the day. It was afternoon, too late for a longer ride and the weather turned to be nasty.

A lot of different beers are offered to the guests by Ivan, the owner of the GRD Motorcycle Loft Hotel. Over that good music from the sixties and seventies, good food and smaller titbits too.

Jesal Odedra, George "Boomer" Garratt and Stuart

No wonder that we were enjoying the evening in a comfortable clubby atmosphere ?

Rebecca and Phil from England, Mark Harling from Belgium

Center of the guest's room is the comfortable with drinks well equipped bar. On the roof over the bar a selection of the beers available, amongst them some with raspberry or cherry flavour. Not as bad as one should think .......

Boomer - it seems he already is dreaming of the 2003 GTR Rally in Austria with it's tours through the alps ........