In the evening of august 17th I decided that I would try to do a SS1000. I have had this thing in my mind for at least two years but haven’t found any good timing to do it. So suddenly my wife went of together with friends for the night and the kids was staying with our relatives. The weather was fine and when I read a mail from one of our COGers that he had achieved a SS 1000 so I thought “Hey, I am alone, I can do as I please – I am free”.

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The decision was made. The clock showed 2200hrs!

My only preparations were to bring warm coffee, digestive crackers, lemonade and three choco-bars.

I didn’t calculate the distance - but checked the map and thought it would be shortly over 1600 km (equiv to 1000 m). I made a calculation that I had to make at least 10% more to be sure and also take into account that the odometer is not calibrated. I had decided that if my odometer would show less than 1 760 km I would just
continue for some more kilometres and find my self a petrol station.

My trip was planned and run as this:

Start in my town (Gustavberg) - then in to the capital of Sweden (Stockholm). I continued then to the capital of Norway (Oslo), 558 km, and from there I went to the capital of Denmark (Copenhagen), 625 km, and finally I came back home via Stockholm, 677 km. On my odometer it reads total 1 862 km. I started at 23.27 hours and finished at 17.04 hrs.

Everything went well - I followed all suggestions on COG web-page. Temperature was ideal - night 55F, morning 65F and day 72F. No clouds, no rain only starts/moon and sunshine.

I used my YES silentium helmet (most quiet in the Swedish market) and earplugs made by Aero.

Some of these silencing effects I destroyed by having my eyeglasses put on (the arms make a small route of noise into the area around my ears).

My otherwise stock 1994 GTR was equipped like this: Gen-mars, Rifle 15" windshield, 65/80 w headlight bulb, Cat-o-ring, Johar grips, air-wings.

In the darkness (now it’s getting dark around 2130hr and the morning lights comes around 0400hrs) there is less traffic so the riding is easier, faster - and safer. I decided to ride on the small roads initially (on the E 18, the 150 km in Sweden close to the Norwegian border and all roads in Norway) to have that time advantage.

Of course I had to be careful of all wild animals crossing the road in the night - foxes, badgers, deer’s, moose’s, bears, polar bears and big owls.....>VBG< nah, I will not pull your legs further. Foxes and moose’s passes at day break - approx 1 hours of time that I had to think of. I saw only three foxes!

Other things in the darkness that I encountered was the carcasses of overunnned cats, foxes and badgers - I didn’t hit those, but it was close once or twice - to hit a overrunned badger means that You most certainly go for a visit outside of the road.

Boomer did a calculation in his SW (thank You!) "My mapping software sets the shortest route for that run at 1088 miles. Your 1862Km equals 1164miles. Time taken was 17 hours 37 minutes. That's an average speed of almost 106Km/h or 66Mph"

I didn’t run the shortest road all the way and the most important part is I went via the town Malmoe for the bridge crossing - I got lost in Oslo for 15 minutes after filling gas to get on the roads southbound -so I guess that adds up a little. When I was on the highways I usually had the speed up at 140 km/h - ~80mph.

I decide on this route since it’s a little symbolic – Scandinavian capitals - and it would be a nice ride to promote to my friends. After a time of reflection I have come to the conclusion that this kind of trip suits best after the summer period when I have accumulated a lot of kilometres, so I know how to sit for long time and understand the signs of my body and have breaks when needed.

I have a friend that saw me off and together my wife when I came home – good enough witnesses I guess. I kept all receipts (with the time stamped) of petrol and the bridge (Malmoe and Copenhagen) and I filled the logbook.

My ride was officially acknowledged by Michael Kneeboone november 11th 2001.