GCEer going over the pond 2016


Why we do "Over the Pond";
"OtP" has always been our way of awarding club members that have worked for COG or GCE. We feel that the people that work for the clubs deserve this chance, for all they do to keep our clubs GREAT.
We've been able to send someone (almost every year) for 15 years. We plan to continue doing "OtP", as long as we can, and for as long as the Clubs make it possible.
The rules (below) were developed so the Club "workers" have a chance to go "Over the Pond". 
   They target all the "Workers" that work to keep the clubs going.
   They include, but DO NOT aim the reward towards COG/GCE Leaders or Board.
     (Workers explained; Members that put on events, hold a Club office, lead area rides, took on a role with considerable responsibility for COG/GCE events, sponsor "OtP" Travelers, "etc").
NOTE: If you would like to become eligible for "OtP", step up and be a "worker". 
            The members would appreciate your efforts, and someday, "you" might be the "OtP" Traveler".
This year,,, we're nominating GCE Members from Europe.
Below are the Eligibility requirements. 
1. "OtP" Team and past "OtP" Travellers are NOT eligible. (gloom, I hate rule #1)
2. Nominee must be a "current" COG or GCE member.
3. Nominee must have put on COG/GCE Events, Sponsored "OtP" Travelers, been a Team Leader on a COG/GCE National,  
      held a Club Office, or have an extended history of helping the Clubs.
      (Bottom Line: has been a "worker" for COG/GCE)
4. Nominee will be required to fill out a questionnaire on themselves.
     (The answers will be used to determine eligibility and as a means of introducing the Nominee to the club.
5. Nominee must be willing (and able) to assume expenses "above "what is collected.
      (approximate "out of pocket" trip expense may be $2000)
6. Nominee must have (or be-able to get) a passport.
7. Nominee is not to be a frequent traveler to US.
      (We hope to send someone who has "never" rode in the US)
8. Nominee must have time available for the trip.
        (approx. 2+ weeks)
9. "Nominee/Traveler" must write a Post Ride Report about his trip for the club to read.
10. "Nominee/Traveler" may be asked to make a short presentation at the 2016 "GCE rally".
11. "Nominee/Traveler" must taste a tasty Delicacy at the COG National...
         (NOTE: We will arrange a "special" delicacy to be used for tasting). <evil grin>
12. Nominee must be willing to sleep in a loud, disturbing, environment.
         (for instance, near other COGgers snoring)
13. "Nominee/Traveler" must keep records of "OtP" funds used during his trip.

NOTE: Volunteer needed to share room with "Traveler".
             Requirement's; "Must snore loudly" and/or "shower seldom".
               (We want nothing but the best for our Traveler)