GCEer going over the pond 2016


In an effort to assure safety, to assure that the bike "Lender" has a person with the necessary skills, and to give the Nominee's an idea of how "OtP" works, we've developed these guidelines..
*** This year (2016) we are planning to Sponsor 1 "OtP" Traveler.
     In the event of a tie vote we will have a run-off vote (between only the two nominee's) to determine the Winner.
     ("If" we Collect enough $$, "if" we can find a second motorcycle, and "if" we can make the thousands of arrangements,,, we will attempt to include the "Runner-up" in the ride with the "OtP Winner")..
1. During the nomination - all candidates - will provide information about riding skill/experience.
   This is to include; years you have ridden a large displacement bike, your riding preferences (tourer/twisty enthusiast/racer/sporty/squirrel/etc),  
2. During the nomination - all candidates - will provide information about their physical capabilities.
    (We add this so that Nominee's can determine if they are physically capable of such a trip, and to discuss concerns with the "OtP" Leads).
3. Traveler must have Medical Insurance. (In the event of an accident).
4. The selected Traveler will receive ("ALL" $$ we collect) to support the trip.  These $$ will be given to the Traveler prior to the trip.
    Additional Funds "may" be received from Hosts throughout  the "OtP" Ride.
    The candidates must determine (and state to the OtP leads), they are capable/willing to supply additional money if required. (that may be required to cover rest of the travel expenses)
    (We think the additional $$ {out of pocket} will not be greater than $2000).
5. We ("OtP" Team leads) will work to arrange a motorcycle for the Traveler.
    (We have always been successful in locating/find a Lender)
5a. The "Bike Lender" will be responsible of supplying a motorcycle that is safe to use for the trip.
5b. The "Traveler" is responsible for normal operating costs of the bike, (*and must assure the bike is returned in the same condition it is received).
      (In the event of a normal break down, another bike will be sought, and repair/transport costs determined between Traveler and Lender).
5c. (*) The "Traveler" is responsible for any damages to the bike while in his use.
6. Insurance; Arrangements must be made to cover the motorcycle in the event of an accident. (Some motorcycle insurance may include medical insurance)

7. Participation in the COG Rally (in Helen, Georgia), meeting COG Members, and having a GREAT time, is the purpose of this years "OtP"...
8. Travel period will be approx. 21 days - preferable arrival in US (approx. June 15th ). Probable departure (approx. June 29th).
    (Actual dates will be determined during trip planning). 
9. If the Traveler chooses to do additional sightseeing after his "OtP" Ride (we will try to assist).
   These additional travels are at the Travelers expense.
    (In other words, if you decide to stay longer,,,,  "We'll try to help, You´re on Your own dime")...

10. The Traveler will need places to stay while in US. (many places)
      We ("OtP" Team lLads) will work to arrange Lodging with COG Members so that the Traveler can meet and get to know his COG Hosts.
      Hosts can assist with Additional Lodging needs.
11. After arrival, the "OtP Winner" will travel from the bike pickup location (to be determined), to the COG-Rally, and return.
     The ("OtP" Leads) will work with the "OtP Traveler" and Hosts,, to determine special sites for the Traveler to see, and to develop the route.
12. After the "OtP" ride, the Traveler is required to write a report of the trip. (To be published in the Concourier and also at a webversion on the GCE-site).
13. During the trip, the Traveler is requested to keep a record of all "OtP" money received and used during their trip.
      (The record keeping will make it easier for the "OtP" team to estimate {total costs} for future "OtP" "Travelers").
14. After the trip, (if any donated funds remain) we ask the Traveler to return unused "OtP" Funds. {to be used by the next Traveler}.
NOTE:  If  You have any additional thoughts and ideas that You want to convey -  please step forward and make your voice heard!
Hans in Sweden/Ted in TeXaS