COGer coming over the pond 2015


The OTP team have gathered strength again and subsequently started the OTP XIII today - with
Your help we are getting one ´merican who will participate in the GCE rally (August 1-5th) in
The Netherlands. 
We are looking for one traveler!
All previous travellers have their stories and photos on the web - go and have a look at!

Who will it be for 2015?

Please look for all detailed rules at
Here is the plan - The 2015 schedule:

Pledges taken, from today until July 15th.
Pledge collection, from today until August 1st.
Nominations for eligible members, to be received by 2015 Feb 30th.
(Past OtP Travellers and "the OtP Team" are not eligible).
Contact with nominees, (to discuss eligibility) 2015 Feb 15 - March 15th.
Final Candidates posting and presentation, no later than 2015 March 15th.
Final voting and support notes, 2015 March 15 - April 30th.
Winner Selection, 2015 April 30 - May 5th.
Winner contact, 2015 April 30 - May 5th
Runner-up (2nd place) Drawing, 2015 April 30 - May 5th.
Runner-Up contact, 2015 April 30  -May 5th.
Winners and Runner-up presentation, 2015 May 6 - 7th.
Travel Arrangements, 2015 May 6-7 - April 15th.
Ticket purchase, by 2015 ASAP  (May 30)
Participate in COG Rally, approx 2015 June 15th - June 10th
Traveler arrival in EU, approx 2015 Aug 1st ((TBD))
Arrive GCE Rally, approx early Aug ((TBD))
If You want to nominee a COGer and/or make a pledge - contact Ted Adcock
We are looking for pledges like - money, bike somewhere in EU, help at airports, lodging, travel companions to and from the GCE Rally  (we already have volunteers!) - COGgers and GCEers make things happen!

Hans in Sweden
OTP Instigator