COGer coming over the pond 2015


This year,,, we're accepting nominations for COG Members from North America.
Below are the OFFICIAL Eligibility requirements.
Since everyone can't be eligible, I have decided the eligibility requirements.
1. Past OtP Travellers are not eligible.
2. "OtP" Team Leaders (Hans/Ted) are not Eligible. (this is "our" choice)
3. Nominee must be a "current" COG member.
4. Nominee must have; put on a COG Event,
                                      been a Team Leader on a COG event,
                                      held a Board position in COG.
                                     assisted COG in a substantial way.
5. Nominee will be required to fill out a questionaire on themself.
    (The answers will be used to determine eligibility and as a means of introducing the Nominee to the club).
6. Nominee must be willing to assume expenses above what is collected.
(approximate trip cost $2000)
7. Nominee must be able to "quickly" get a passport. ("Prior" to departure)
8. Nominee is not to be a frequent traveler to EU.   
       (Hans hopes to send someone who has "never" been to EU) (
Military who served oversea's are NOT considered frequent travelers)
9. Nominee "must" be in excellent physical health have time available for the trip.   (approx 2+ weeks)
10. Nominee must write a Post Ride Report about his trip, "for the club to read in the "Concourier".
11. Nominee "may" be asked to make a short presentation at the 2015 "GCE rally". (And possibly the 2015 COG National)
12. Nominee must taste an EU Delicacy...
                   (NOTE: We will use the annual served delicasy - evil grin)
13. Nominee must be willing to sleep in a loud, disturbing, environment.
          (for instance, near other GCEers snoring)

NOTE: Volunteer needed to share room with "Winners".
Requirments; "Must snore loudly" and/or "shower seldom".
(We want nothing but the best for our Traveler)..

Have to go for now. Please start considering who you want to nominate to go "Over the Pond"...................
Hans in Sweden/ Ted in TeXaS
"OtP" Team Leads