GCE member going to USA 2009

This is the eigth time that I (Hans-Ove Görtz in Sweden) and my slave labourers (Ted Adcock, Harry Martin and Spencer Farrow in USA) organize the "over the pond" thing. This is not a COG/GCE sponsored activity - just a - every year - spontaneous thing!
Basically we organize a selection and raise money to cover travel expenses for a fellow member - that will have the possibility to travel to USA. We aim at someone that have played (or still plays) an important role in GCE community and "never" have been or have the means to accumulate this kind of money to make this - a long time dreamed ride in his/her lifetime - happen. We have succeeded so far to accumulate enough money by pledgers offering EURO/USD 5-10-25-50/ea to support 1-2 travellers.
Please remember that this thing to have someone to travel over the pond is a spontaneous activity. This is not any COG or GCE pre planned activity - just us who want to participate - with pledges, travel, and
support in other ways.
COGers and GCEers can make things happen!

RULES (sort of)

You who like to make a pledge and support this idea, can inform me. Up till now members have pledged for USD 10 and USD 100 but that is not any decided or minimum sum. Unintentionally it could be interpreted as such so to be very clear - all support is welcome - for practical reasons all pledges should be not less than EURO/USD 1 (one) or equivalent.

Selection period will be until midst of February - all activities, dates and nominees will be announced on the COG/GCE-lists - nominations is welcome from December 2008. Please make contact to Hans-Ove Görtz.

Pledge period will be until June 1st.

0.  During the nomination - all candidates - will provide information
about riding skill/experience.

1. The selected traveller will receive the economic (as much as we collect) support for travel to USA with the purpose to attend the COG National. The selected traveller have to state that he or she willingly will
put up his/her own money to cover rest of the travel expenses that may occur. The selected traveller have to make a report of the travel in the Concourier and that we later will have on GCE website as well.

2. All collected money - needed for the airfare and some pocket money - will go to the traveller. 

3. Travel period approx 21 days - preferable arrival in US (approx June 1st) departure (approx June 21st). Final decision is made together with the traveller to suit his/hers needs.

Participation in GOG National rally, time and place approx June 8-11th in the town Fontana Dam, North Carolina, is the purpose of the travel.

Decided time span that we (me and the OTP team and volunteers) will support the traveller (~June 1st ~June 21st) - time outside that will be personal planning = You´re on Your own.

If there is a bike pledged. Pledgers are solely responsible for the bike and that the bike will be in order for the traveler to use - and organize another one if the first brakes down). Pledged bike that will be used is to be returned as received.

7. The traveller will need a place to stay (several places), incl. some entertaining and food...(pending GCE/COG volunteer).

8. Travel to COG-rally in North Carolina from the bike pickup (this is personal travel cost).

9. Participating in COG-rally (this is personal cost)

Participating in GCE-rally in Tampere, Finland, is highly desired (this is personal cost). GCEers are invited to pledge B&B etc etc

Place to stay, incl. some entertaining and food...(pending GCE/GOG volunteers). I have calculated that the traveller ought to have no cost of lodging due to volunteers from the GCE/GOG - w´ll see ´bout that. If You have any additional thoughts and ideas that You want to convey - please step forward and make your voice heard!

GCE members! Please step forward from today and give your support to make this happen