COGer from the Americas to Europe GTR - rally

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We have now pledges for more than USD 500 at this point (2002-02-16)
for Guy Young II (a COG known/senior member - who has been doing voluntary work for( COG) living in the US for support of his travel to Europe this summer 2002. Please remember that this thing to have someone to travel over the pond is a spontaniuos activity. This is not any COG or GCE preplanned activity - just us who want to participate - with pledges, travel, and support in other ways.

COG ers and GCE ers can make things happen!

RULES (sort of)

You who like to make a pledge and support this idea, can inform me.
Up till now members have pledged for USD 25 and USD 50 but that is not any decided or
minimum sum. Unintentionally it could be interpreted as such so to be very clear - all support is welcome - for practical reasons all pledges should be not less than USD 1 (one) or equivalent.

Pledge period will be until end of June.

1. Guy will receive the economic (as much as we collect) support for travel to Europe. Guy have stated that he willingly will put up his own money to cover rest of the travelexpenses that may occur. Guy has agreed to make a report of the travel in the Concourier and if possible make an oral report at COG National 2002. The namelist of all pledges will be published at a later stage.

2. All collected money will go to Guy.

3. Travel period approx 7 (seven) days - preferable arrival in Europe (approx june 29th) departure (approx july 6th). Final decision is made together with the traveller to suit his/hers needs.

4. Participation in GTR-rally, july 2nd, in Aahlborg Denmark is the purpose of the travel.

5. Decided time span that we (me and the GCE) will be thinking to help (~june 21th - ~july 6th) - time outside that will be personal planning

6. GCE member Steve Schneider living in Ramstein (Germany) has offered that Guy can use his Bike and some practical arrangements like insurance have to be solved.

7. Guy will need a place to stay (several places), incl some entertaining and food...(pending GCE volunteer).

8. Travel to GTR-rally (personal travelcost)

9. Participating in GTR-rally (personal cost)

10. Optional participating in FIM-rally (personal cost)

11. Travel from GTR-rally (FIM-rally) (personal travelcost)

12. Place to stay, incl some entertaining and food...(pending GCE volunteer) Guy will arrive and depart in Frankfurt (Germany). I have calculated that Guy will have no cost of lodging due to volunteers from the GCE. if You have any additional thoughts and ideas that You want to convey - please step forward and make your voice heard!

GCE members! Please step forward from today and give your support to make this happen.

Do You have a place to accomodate a COG member?