This year I (COG#3465) was bestowed with a mighty big luck - during a business trip to US for a week - I had the opportunity to take two days off. Thursday June 30th and Saturday July 2nd and guess what - I succeeded to make a mini OTP with the help off:

Rick Hall (COG#1914) in Co and Linda Swart (COG#2503) in Ca - 2004 OTP travellers to The Netherlands - what a blast!

I was picked up at Denver airport - late Wednesday evening - by Rick and his pickup truck and went into Boulder for a beer. There I meet Rick´s neighbours – that I befriended when they visited Sweden – what a start! While driving we talked a lot about the 2004 trip and all the fun we have had.


Thursday, June 30th

Early morning - I found Randy Bishop Conc that was offered to me for free - thanks - outside Ricks garage. While eating breakfast Phil Tarman arrived (he was one of my travel companions during the Y2KN) and also Lori Speidel joined the group. Rick had prepared several riding routes and after a short discussion we settled for a ride into Rocky Mountain National Park – see map.

June 30th - round trip.gif (33984 tavu(a))

At 1000hrs -ish all four set out in the sunshine towards Estes Park town. Suddenly Rick wanted to have ad hoc tech session - water had filled one plughole and caused a short - and that fixed Rick within 15 minutes....We drove through the nice Estes Park town - and passed the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, famous, as it was the home to the movie "The Shining" with Jack Nicholson and Shelly Duval – shortly after, we arrived at the park entrance.


June. Mech&Tech - Rick in action!.jpg (95877 tavu(a))          June. Lori Speidel in pose - this says it all, doesn´t it!.jpg (74751 tavu(a))

After having paid the fee we went upwards, upwards and upwards on a twisty road together with holiday slow, nevertheless such nice scenery and I had time to take it all in. Just great. We made a short pause at the Alpine Visitor center and after hitting the shop (where I bought a nice Indian silver ware to my wife) we just enjoyed the nice weather. After passing the pass we continued with the twisties on a slightly higher speed - whooooaaaaa - what a ride.

          June. The riding team - and Rick behind the camera.JPG (64627 tavu(a))

We had some traditional lunch at 1500hrs at a local restaurant in Granby – the town is famous ´cause some years ago a guy stole a tank and rode it into town! The restaurant served German food, but the waitress couldn´t speak anything even if Rick tried some;-( We continued south on rte 40 and headed for the twisties on higher speed - whooooaaaaa – this was the first time for me to ride at such a speed (safe) - what a ride!!!!!
We passed Berthoud pass on high speed…….and suddenly the fun ended when we arrived into Empire town.

After a short ride on the hwy 70 we hit the gravel road in Idaho Springs and we went upwards and upwards towards Central city. Central city looks nice with it´s old brick houses but they are now turning the city into a huge casino place. We continued north on rte 119 and rte 72 – and we had a very nice ride back - whooooaaaaa - to Ricks place in Lyons.

Ricks neighbour had prepared a very nice dinner for us when we arrived back – I got hold of a gin&tonic (which is a favourite of mine) - as entrée we had the Swedish delicacy – sour pickled heering with hardbread and vodka;-) – see the photo!

June. Phil Tarman and Swedish delicacies.JPG (74010 tavu(a))

The dinner ended late and Phil Tarman rode back to his home in the dark.
Friday morning - Rick sent me off at Denver airport - thanks Rick, friends and neighbour, what a day – Rick; You are da man;-)))))
Friday evening – stayed in Long Beach, quick shower after work - had the rent-a-car.....brand new chicken yellow Ford MUSTANG conv (I just said I was a lucky guy - usually I´ll get a small Ford, Hyundai yada, yada) - and drove to Thousand Oaks, close to Los Angeles to team up with Linda and Lisa Stephens. In the evening we got hold of Harry Martin by phone – he wanted to join the ride.


Saturday, July 2nd

Early morning in the sunshine – Linda and I went to Simi Valley to pick up Harry Martin (on short leave from work and home) and Lindas husbands Peters silverdammit that would be my companion me for free - thanks - during the day. We went straight on to route 150 - passed Ojai - and on to route 33 with the twisties on good speed - whooooaaaaa - what a ride. Such desolated place and such nice scenery - great roads for a bike - as we noticed, my left wink wink arm got a bit tired...;-)

July 2nd - round trip.jpg (520477 tavu(a))

After awhile we turned right – into the Ventura – towards hwy 5 – same nice roads, desolated and warm - suddenly, somewhere in the middle of nowhere we had a ad hoc tech session for an hour at 1200hrs - full sunshine, no shadows - main fuse blown on my bike. With Harrys help we opened the J-box, followed the W/BK wire - located a short close to the dashboard - we isolated it and voila, the bike fired up again - damn, that was a hot place - thanks Harry, You da man! (We do understand the importance
to bring the circuit scheme - next ride;-)))

July. Mech&Tech - Harry in action - hot!.JPG (89647 tavu(a))

Ah, well - we went straight to the gas stop close to the hwy 5 – rested a bit (soft drinks and shadow). From the Tejon pass we had a speed run on the hwy – took to the left at Wheeler Ridge and rte 223 towards route 58 on real good speed - whooooaaaaa – such flat and dry place - what a sweaty ride with all protection gear.

July. Linda and me - what a view!.JPG (70030 tavu(a))          July. This is what all is about!.JPG (71503 tavu(a))

Uneventful ride to Tehachapi and we stopped to watch a looooong freight train passing the Tehachapi loop (railway nerds dream) - what a spectacular sight!
After some rest and a lot of cold root beer at Linda´s place we decided to take the fast run back to Simi Valley. Riding south on hwy 58 we could see the big windmill farm at the Tehachapi Mountains – what a sight – passed over the Tehachapi pass and headed down hwy 14. The sun was setting, traffic was picking up - the highway is also a great experience>LOL<
We headed into hwy 118 and finished with some twisties – Santa Susana Pass road - just before Simi Valley - awesome!

July. Santa Susana Pass road.jpg (177202 tavu(a))
    Tehachapi loop.jpg (112630 tavu(a))    July. Linda House.jpg (87541 tavu(a))

Saturday evening - had the rent-a-car.....brand new chicken yellow Ford MUSTANG conv - and together with Linda and Peter we drove - open - to a nice restaurant for a late supper - great steaks! - then I went to my hotel (54 minutes.....) in Long Beach.
Thanks Linda, what a day. You da man!....??????Woman!;-)

July. Lucky guy with the conv.jpg (38648 tavu(a))