The COG-EU Email Listserver

We have setup again a COG-EU listserver especially for European owners of the GTR1000/1400 or the Concours. This is in no way intended to compete with the main COG listserver (see ), more to provide a forum on which to discuss European specific issues to do with the GTR1000/1400 and the group and it's activities.

The listserver default language will be English as it is the most spoken foreign language in most of Europe and for no other reason. Feel free to post messages in other languages but if you do, you may not get responses from other list members as they may not read/write your language.

Unacceptable behaviour on the listserver will be handled in the first instance by a warning email to the parties concerned. A second infringement will involve the offending parties being unsubscribed from the list. Appeals will be considered but the List Admin's decision is final and it is not a democracy.

Unacceptable behaviour includes but is not limited to;

Obscene language
Threatening behaviour
Insulting behaviour
Excessive non GTR1000/Concours comments
Discussing Politics/Religion/Sport (other than motorcycling)

If you want to discuss such subjects either do it by direct email or find a listserver that deals with what you want to discuss.

How to complain

If you feel that someone's behaviour is unacceptable, please complain in the first instance to the offending individual but do so directly, NOT via the list. If they continue to cause offence or refuse to apologise you should contact the List-admin and explain whose behaviour is unacceptable and why.

The List-admin will probably be monitoring the list and he can read several languages. Those who do not offend have nothing to fear as the listowner is a great believer in benevolent dictatorship.


To subscribe to the list send an email to List-admin explaining your interest in the GCE and the Kawasaki GTR's.
He will then add your email address to the subscribers (or digest) list and confirm this to you by email.
We have decided to do this way to avoid spammers and abusers of the list getting access. 


To unsubscribe send an email to with the word UNSUBSCRIBE  in the subject line and no text in the body.
Alternatively, send an email to the List-admin and he will end your subscription.

Digest mode

If you prefer you can receive the emails from the listserver as one big email, once per day.
To chance to Digest mode send an email to List-admin requesting a chance to Digest mode and he will change it for you.

The digest is sent when enough emails have built up so if the list is quiet you may not get any emails from it for a few days. Until the list gets busy the listowner recommends STANDARD mode. There is no need to send an email to set STANDARD mode as this is (unsurprisingly) the standard.

How to send a message to the list

Just send an email to
It will be forwarded to all the subscribers and you will get a copy back yourself.

All emails sent to the list should be in plain text not HTML or Rich Text. Also, do not send attachments via the list as those people on Digest will want you shot!

To those people using Digest mode, if you try to send the entire digest back to the list it will be rejected. Please leave only the necessary references in the email you are replying to and snip the rest out. Everyone, please try to snip unnecessary text from your replies to the list. Small and tidy is good. 5 pages of what someone else already said is VERY bad! ;-)

If you have any problems with your subscription please try to solve them using the information on this page. If you cannot then contact the listowner.

Catch you on the COG-EU List,

George "Boomer" Garratt

COG-EU list-administrator