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Written November 20, 2001

This Group shall be known as the Concours Owners Group Europe (COG EU) area.

This constitution is based on the COG constitution and is adjusted to European circumstances.

The GTR Club Europe (GCE) administers this COG EU area.
The GTR Club Europe has no constitution and will act upon the COG EU constitution.

The GTR Club Europe is neither a judicial nor a financial entity. It is a forum of independent members for the exchange of information and discussion on the subject of motorcycles and in particular the Kawasaki GTR 1000 or Concours.

Participation in the club is voluntary and open to all persons independent of race, creed or colour and is a member of COG or living in Europe.

Members are in no way liable (legally or financially) for actions of the club or its members, to its members or third parties unless specifically agreed by that member.

Members of GCE who wish to become a member of COG shall apply directly to COG for membership.

The Club’s goal is to provide a venue for members to forge new friendships, explore new locales, and share tips on motorcycle maintenance, accessories, and safety riding issues.
The Club strives to foster goodwill among the public toward motorcyclists at each event we hold.
Although the formation of this Club revolved around the Kawasaki GTR 1000 and Concours, the Club and its activities are open to owners of all makes of motorcycles and motorcycle enthusiasts.
For organisational purposes Officers shall be appointed (as deemed necessary) and these officers will form the Board. The Board shall consist of at least a Chairman, Memberships Director, Treasurer, Assistant area director (AAD) and initially shall consist of at least two officers. The Chairman will act as a COG Area Director (AD) and thus be a member of the COG Executive Committee. If the members in nations or geographical regions want they can appoint their nation/region leader/chairman. This leader will act as Assistant Area Director (AAD).

Nations chairman and subsequently AAD will be announced on the official GCE web site.

A member may be represented in a different geographical region by requesting this change to the Membership Director. They will then receive the area newsletters and other pertinent information from the new area.

The duties of the Chairman shall be:

• To have general supervision of the affairs of the Club.
• To call and chair club meetings and elections
• To assist all other officers of the Club in their records, correspondence, and other duties.
• To co-ordinate Club activities at International level.
• To liaison with Concours Owners Group of America (AD COG EU)
• To appoint active members to Club Officer positions.
• To record, compile, edit, and distribute the minutes from Club meetings.
• To maintain the Constitution and by-laws of the Club.
• To arrange and execute conference calls for the Board.
• To manage the election process (nominee and ballots) for all elected positions.
The duties of the Board shall be:

• To act for the Club in all manners ordered by the Club.
• To make final decisions on member expulsions.
• To have general control over all Club affairs.
The duties of the Membership Director shall be:

• To process membership registrations within 15 days of receipt.

• To maintain and revise the Club membership registration form.
• To maintain a record of all current and former Club members.
• To create and forward to all Area Director’s a listing of non-renewing Club members.
• To maintain and a membership directory. (ONLINE)
• To provide new members with an overview of the Club.

The duties of the Area Director shall be: *

• To enforce all rules of group riding if such a ride is taking place.
• To promote interest on the part of each member in Club activities.
• To be responsive to members’ suggestions.

* These duties may be delegated to Assistant Area Directors.

The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

• To manage and support economic Records for the Club.
• To keep information current on the economic situation.
• To provide economic guidance for the Board members.
The duties of the Web Master shall be:

• To manage and support an Internet Service Provider (ISP) web page for the Club.
• To keep information current on the Club web page.
• To provide guidance for Club members who are using the web page.
• To consult in development of other web pages for the Club.
• To liaison with Concours Owners Group webmaster

The procedures for Club elections and appointments shall be as follows:

(Because we have no meetings and the committee cannot obligate the members)

• Ordinary elections are to be every year
• Extraordinary elections may be called when called for by at least 10% of the members
• Elections will be per email
• There will be no secret ballot
• The Chairman sets a nomination period (of at least 14 days) and informs all members
• Late nominations may be accepted
• All members are eligible for nomination
• The Chairman sets the election period (at least 21 days) and informs all members
• All members have one vote
• A simple majority decides
• Members of the Board are elected for a period of one or two years, multiple terms are possible

The Constitution may be amended or added to.
The by-laws govern the everyday operation of the Club. A simple voting majority of the Members is needed to change the Club by-laws.